Targeted Investor Outreach

Specializing in successful and specific ways of contacting, and coordinating with targeted investors that will benefit your business. Promoting and describing your business's unique and best qualities will help attract investors who may be looking for a business that matches yours. From there, a strong trust will be built between investor and business, providing a deep sense of confidence, comfort, and success.

Corporate Investor Kits

Axial will provide the best corporate essentials required for businesses who are seeking out potential and successful investments. We will provide powerpoints constructed in a neat, informative and organized fashion hitting all the marks needed when looking for investments. We will provide accurate Investor fact sheets detailing information about the Investor, along with the provisions of company investment facts as well.

Social Media Awareness

Building an active and engaged social media following for your product or service is a priority for businesses. Axial will help design a proper social media following for your business, promoting it in the best and most successful way possible, while also having it target and attract investors and direct traffic to your business and websites.

Corporate Web Design

Working with new ideas or refreshing existing websites we can create an online presence that can highlight your product or service. By highlighting your business and service it will also benefit you by creating a strong and promotional foundation that can show investors the success and legitimacy of your business and service, allowing them to be more open and interested in working with you.